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Welcome Package


Your Free Soft Landing Package in The French Alps

Any company wanting to set up activities for the first time in the French Alps

invest in grenoble alps

Start your activities quickly
  > 3 months free co-working
  > space for 1 person

friends og Grenoble

Get involved in the community
  > Networking and communication support

your free soft landing package

Discover the city and its surroundings
  > 3 months free public transport

grenoble alps company

Explore Greater Grenoble’s cultural  & touristic activities
  > Free one day pass (20 activities,sites, guided visit, etc.)

welcome Grenoble

Solve all issues with a team of experts
   > Free initial consultations for:

            Your Company
            • Creation
            • Employment
           • Accounting & Administration
           • Public funding
           • Office search
           • IP


 You and your family
• Immigration & Paperwork
• House-hunting
• Schools
• French lessons

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